Canadian Institute

of Tai Chi


An ancient and unique system of health enhancement and self defence, emphasizing relaxation, balance, co-ordination and agility.  Tai Chi is a total system of exercise incorporating mental as well as physical discipline.

Moving into its 45th year of classes, the Canadian Institute of Tai Chi has softly fostered many deep friendships while encouraging a centered and natural way of health and life.

Since 1973 the school has flourished, producing many dedicated students and teachers in this unique system of health enhancement, and Tao (way) of living.

Over the last 15 years Nathan has taught Tai Chi to hundreds of students.  Tai Chi is a beautiful art suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Classes and workshops are conducted in a fun and focused manner.


Tai Chi with Nathan Szredni

Body • Mind • Spirit


“Was very fortunate to have a visit from Nathan this weekend. He shared some Tai Chi with me during the course of our visit. He is a very gifted teacher. I wish I lived in Vancouver so I could attend classes. Those who live close enough to go are indeed fortunate. Thank you for taking some time to answer some questions.”

  1. -Steve Smith

Inheritor of Fook Yeung Chuan

Founder of Infinity arts


Founded by Sifu, mentor and friend, Steve Malliaris

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